Be a Ghoulish Artist - Paint a Dracula-Style Masterpiece!

Be a Ghoulish Artist - Paint a Dracula-Style Masterpiece!

Sink your teeth into the world of Halloween art with our Count Dracula Painting tutorial! πŸ¦‡πŸŽ¨ In this step-by-step tutorial, you'll receive an exclusive template and follow along with Allison's expert guidance in a detailed video. Embrace the haunting atmosphere as you explore deep reds and velvety blacks, mastering the art of blending and shading to bring the iconic Count Dracula to life on your canvas.Β 

Vampire Painting
  1. Download the outline and reference card fromΒ the link above.
  2. Paint an 8" x 10" canvas panel medium pink and let it dry.
  3. Attach the outline to the painted canvas using tape or labels.
  4. Place graphite paper (medium side down) under the hinged outline or rub graphite on the opposite side of the outline. Stack and hinge the image onto the canvas.
  5. Transfer the image by applying pressure with a pen or pencil. The outlined image will appear on the canvas and can be easily erased.
  6. Mix your colors (red, medium pink for the background, and white).
  7. Begin painting, working from dark to light: black areas, red halftones, medium pink areas (reinforce as needed, matching the background tone), and white highlights.
  8. Save your paint and allow the first layer to dry. Touch up any areas as needed on the dried surface.Β 


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