Halloween Shadow Box Art with Download

Halloween Shadow Box Art with Download

What should you do with a leftover giant sized cereal box?  Look no further!  Time for art has provided you with a printable download to help you create a fabulous glowing shadow box sculpture.  Click here for the printable:


Here is the video demonstration tutorial and step by step instructions to create your 3-D spooky scene.  Here are some quick tips for your project:  the bones are available at a popular dollar style store, the box is a general mills giant size, and the craft will work best if you can print on cardstock.  


Step by Step Instructions
1. Download the pen and ink style images to paint from the blog.  Print on cardstock
2. Seal the edges of a big cereal box with tape and secure with glue.  I used superglue.
3. Cut a window in the front of the cereal box.  I traced the width of my ruler and cut out the middle.  Hang onto the big pieces of the excess cut cardboard for later.
4. Tape off the freshly cut edges and cover the box in black gesso.  The gesso will adhere to the glossy box.  You could also used white gesso and paint the box black with acrylic paint.
5. With watered down acrylic paint, paint the pen and ink style images printed on cardstock.  Allow to dry and cut around the edges.
6. With hot glue and foam bones from a dollar style store, create a flat fur tree.  Mine is a stacking of one, two, three, and four bones down the middle and bone branches coming out at the cross points.
7. Glue everything onto the backing of the inside of the box with hot glue.  Start with the tree and add the cut pen and ink style “ornaments.” Mine has the moon and a bat on the back wall and some images on the front frame.
8. Cut a “hill” out of the excess black gesso painted cardboard and glue to the inside of the shadow box underneath the frame.  Touch up with black gesso if necessary.
9. Tuck some LED tea lights and and fiberfill into the bottom of the shadow box now hidden by the hill to create the look of fog. 
10. Turn the lights out and enjoy your three dimensional mixed media sculptural piece! 

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