Paint a Pumpkin Patch on a Pumpkin!

Pumpkin door hang painting
Here is our very meta pumpkin patch on a pumpkin.  It embraces the magic of glazing and turns a black and white underpainting into color.  For the reference image and downloadable outline, see below:
We painted this on a wooden wall hanging from a popular dollar store.  We've found the pumpkins very in shape, but don't worry, your template will work.  For this painting, we have provided step by step instructions and a demonstration video below.  



  1. Download the outline and reference card from the link above.
  2. Remove string and apply gesso to a wooden wall hanging from a popular dollar store (they very a little bit in shape and size
  3. Attach the outline to the painted canvas using tape or labels.  The sides may or may hang off because of the shape variety.  Just continue the horizon line and clouds if your pumpkin is a little different in shape (wider or more narrow)
  4. Place graphite paper (medium side down) under the hinged outline or rub graphite on the opposite side of the outline. Stack and hinge the image onto the canvas.
  5. Transfer the image by applying pressure with a pen or pencil. The outlined image will appear on the canvas and can be easily erased.
  6. Mix black and white.  There is a medium value for the center trees, a slightly lighter value for the ground, light values for the sky and pumpkins.  The trees and house get a combination of them all.
  7. Begin painting, start with the trees in the middle, the clouds then then the ground and sky, then add in the details, the pumpkins, the shadows and the house.  See video for specifics.  Remember the pumpkins are blobs.  They should not be precise
  8. Allow your base to dry completely
  9. Mix your primary colors to a blue, green, yellow orange, red orange, and have a tint of raw umber and white, and straight raw umber
  10. Start painting a watery layer of the desired color over your black and white base values.  Embrace the magic of glazing.  You did the hard work in the underpainting and now you are changing it to color with watery layers.
  11. Allow your glaze layers to dry and apply straight raw umber to all of your shadows.  This is a sepia stained landscape and this is how this is achieved.  Do this with a detail brush and take your time.
  12. Reinforce all of your highlights with white.  
  13. As your painting dries, alternate highlights and shadows and see where your painting needs more detail and refinement.  
  14. Allow your painting to dry and decide if it needs any more attention.  Once you're done, reattach the string and hang your pumpkin patch on a pumpkin!



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