Pink Holiday Door Wreath: DIY Painted Door Hang Tutorial

Pink Holiday Door Wreath: DIY Painted Door Hang Tutorial

Get out your paint brushes and follow along in this artistic wreath tutorial. We'll use a door hang as our canvas. You can hang it outside or inside for added decoration. It makes a great gift too! 


1. Print your Time for Art Holiday Download Pack

2. Find the flat wreath outline in your email downloads and follow along with the step-by-step video tutorial. 

Door Hang Wreath

3. Use graphite paper or apply graphite generously to the back of the outline.

4. Remove string hanger. Paint a round wooden plaque a soft brown (We used a tint of burnt sienna mixed with white). Apply in a thick, even coat and allow it to dry.

5. Hinge your outline to the canvas panel and either sandwich your graphite paper waxy side down or use the outline with the graphite on the back and apply pressure with a pen or pencil to the outline to transfer the image.

6. Lift the outline off the canvas panel keeping the paper still hinged.

7. Paint strokes of different green colors ( We used a dark and light version of the same color green) in the circle pattern of the wreath. Then paint the berries (We used a warm and cool red), then paint the pine cones (We used three brown colors). Allow your painting to completely dry.

8. Erase all stray graphite marks with a strong eraser.

9. Reapply the string hanger and hang your flat wreath.

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