Create Your Own Cookie Land Game: DIY Home Art Project

Create Your Own Cookie Land Game: DIY Home Art Project

We might have outdone ourselves here. Yup we definitely did! Grab those cardboard delivery boxes and let's get ready to make the most epic Cookie Land Game! Grab some hot cocoa - it's your turn to spin!

1. Print your Time for Art Holiday Download Pack

2. Find the Cookie Land images and watch the step-by-step video tutorial  

Cookie Land Game

3. Print the coloring sheets, finished color images, or both

4. Mount the paper on a hard surface like a box or foam board with glue. I recommend something not water based like a glue stick, spray adhesive, or rubber cement. I used a glue stick.

5. If you chose to color, get going! I used alcohol based markers. Other good choices would be colored pencils, paint markers, crayons, or paint.

6. Once you’re ready to finish the edges of your board, cut straight lines along the edges (I used kitchen sheers), and line the edges with colored duct tape (I used black).

7. Cut or color and cut the additional pieces. Attach the pointer to the spinner with a round head fastener.

8. Play Cookie Land! Spin to see which colored tile to stop on. The first to the finish line wins.


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