Christmas Cookies Door Hang: DIY Tutorial

Christmas Cookies Door Hang: DIY Tutorial

What's better that Christmas Cookies? Not much, let's be honest! But maybe a DIY Christmas cookies door hang comes close! We recommend adding this project to your family and friend cookie bake parties.ย 

1. Print your Time for Art Holiday Download Pack

2. Find the cookie jar outline from the downloads sent to your email and watch the step-by-step video tutorial.ย ย 

Holiday Cookies Door Hang

3. Use graphite paper or apply graphite generously to the back ofย our outline.

4. Remove the string hanger. Hinge your outline to the galvanized metal plaque from a popular dollar store. Sandwich your graphite paper waxy side down or use the outline with the graphite on the back and apply pressure with a pen or pencil to the outline to transfer the image. The perimeter of the cookies and lid are most important. Loft the outlines off the canvas panel keeping the paper still hinged.

5. Apply in a thick, even coat of white gesso into the transferred regions of the cookies and lid. Allow the gesso to dry.

6. Re-transfer all the lines of your image.

7. Paint in the regions of the cookies and lid. We made the gingerbread a warm brown and the rest sugar cookies that were a yellow ochre tint (yellow ochre plus white). Apply as many coats as necessary for thick, even regions of paint. Allow to dry.

8. Outline your painted regions. We used a paint marker. Tip, start from the inside of the cookie and work your way out. This way your outermost outline can adjust with the overall image.

9. Reattach your string hanger. Tie a bow around your jar. Hang your cookies!


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