Paint DJ Dreidel For Hanukkah: At-Home Free DIY

Paint DJ Dreidel For Hanukkah: At-Home Free DIY

Did you know Home Depot has free workshops every first Saturday of the month for kids? If you haven't gone - we highly recommend it! While we were there last month among all the holiday decorations, one Hanukkah decoration caught our eye - DJ Bear! So inspired by our fave Home Depot animated holiday bear, we bring you DJ Dreidel! 


1. Print your Time for Art Holiday Download Pack via the download button below these directions. 

2. Find the DJ Dreidel outline in the downloads packet sent to your email. Follow the directions below and watch the step-by-step tutorial video

DJ Dreidel

3. Use graphite paper or apply graphite (i.e. pencil) generously to the back of the outline.

4. Paint a primed 8”x10” canvas panel light blue. Apply in a thick, even coat and allow it to dry.

5. Hinge your outline to the canvas panel and either sandwich your graphite paper waxy side down or use the outline with the graphite on the back and apply pressure with a pen or pencil to the outline to transfer the image. The perimeter of the bear, board, are the most important lines at this point.

6. The the outline of the canvas panel keeping the paper still hinged.

7. Paint in the regions of the bear, boats, dreidel, with corresponding colors. We used tints (white + color) for the browns of the bear, board, and dreidel. Allow this to dry.

8. Re-transfer your outline to the dried paint, this time all of the lines.

9. Paint in your smaller regions, for example the fur and headphones. We used darker colors. Allow this to drive.

10. If you need to transfer any more of your image you may have lost, do it now. Then, outline all of your leftover lines with a black marker.

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